Do’s and Don’ts for Progressives Discussing Syria

Due to the recent chemical weapon attack in recent years, Syria has become the centre of attention. Hundreds of people were killed and US military strike threats there are certain things needs to be informed about before taking any kind of action.

 Do not imply both the sides are wrong

This is one of the most common answers to a lot of people, but one needs to understand that the protests that have been going out in Syria to help ensure that the streets and protest have the right regime. There are many progressive US groups who do not want to join the support as there are a lot of lives at stake. There are regimes which are bombing the cities with jets, and other countries are forced to take the brutal stakes.

common answers

Don’t over conflate between the Iraq and Syria

It is pathetic for people of many progressive and leftist people who are obsessed with the false chemical weapon claims. There have been more than 100,000 Syrians who have under the weapons and one million more who can soon be dead without any intervention from the US. One needs to keep in mind when Al Qaeda fought the US for more than a decade in Iraq; no such weapons were deployed.

 Do not just obsess over Al Qaeda

Since the 9/11 attacks, one can see many progressives who are taking their names away from the labels. Understand the there are people in Syria who have a simple lifestyle following a non-violence principle. Also, the Free Syrian Army is not a central command rather a group loosely affiliated from battalions and everyone is open to be a part of this group.


Point out the ways the US failed Syria

Us had promised weapons to the rebels, which is not being followed, which is one of their failures and bringing bomb in the country is also not a solution. Taking the position of US, they should not get themselves involved with military interventions rather a way to bring the right chance at bringing aid to the suffering Syrian population.

Point out US hypocrisy

US hypocrisy

US weapons continue to flow in places like Egypt, Bahrain and Israel despite there are many claims of massive human regulation violations. Also another recent new is that the US is sending $650 million worth of explosives to Saudi.

Highlight the bravery of the Syrians

Even with all of the blasts and other attacks, people of Syria are showing courage while taking the issue to the streets destroying their struggles to bring the right form of freedom and dignity. Even with the violent attacks, people are using non-violent ways to resistance.


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