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We aim to support every Syrian citizen who needs legal assistance in fighting for his rights. By creating awareness programmes for citizenship rights, we will control the illegal activities in the state and also create a better environment for everyone.


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Under the supervision of the ambassador of Syria to the United Kingdom, Dr Sami Khiyami.

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Apply for an online visa and get personal assistance in filling the online forms and develop the necessary documents.

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Get fair trials for citizen affairs from the right attorneys and entertain your rights to carry out any hearings in the courts.

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Find out more about our programs which are meant to protect our citizens as well as create a better living environment for them.

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Reasons to play gambling games 

Reasons to play gambling games 

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Everything to know about casino gambling

Everything to know about casino gambling

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List of the countries where you can gamble easily and legally

List of the countries where you can gamble easily and legally


Gambling is very interesting or beneficial and that’s why many people go with gambling 4d number check to enjoy their life. In other words, you know that people always give their hard to find a beneficial entertaining source and if we talk about gambling then you can enjoy a lot with gambling and can earn money points. People take the help of various sources for gambling. If we talk about casinos then casinos are one of the best 4d toto past result sources where you can gamble easily. There are two types of casinos, land casinos, and online casinos.


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List of the countries


There is no doubt that people take the help of different and different things to enjoy their life and if we talk about games then gaming is actually very beneficial and good for you. If we talk about online casinos then these are best for you and that’s why many people go with online casinos for gambling.


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  1. Australia:


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  1. Belgium:


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  1. United States:


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So, you can easily gamble in these countries. Moreover, you can also gamble in the United Kingdom, and Canada. So, you can safely go with online gambling.


The Most Popular Games at the Casino

Games have always been the ideal reason why casinos lotto 4d are crowded. They are one of the main reasons why gamblers come into the casino and test their skills, along with some luck. Among the long list of games, these individuals come in to play a set of particular ones that have reeked their mode of interest. Towards the end, these games have also turned out to be the most popular ones at the 711 kelab online casino. By pushing forward the theme and spirit of gambling, these games have raised the bar. Hence, to be more specific, here are those famous games.



It’s hard to find a moment where the blackjack table is empty because people are always playing the game. Thanks to its fame and popularity, Blackjack has always made it a point to hold a critical place for itself. Be it online casinos or new markets; everyone tends to bring in Blackjack. Apart from the thrill and excitement of the game, there are other reasons why Blackjack holds a prime spot. The share of the house edge on the game is relatively low, and its rules are also quite simple.


Baccarat is another popular gambling game that accounts for nearly 9% of the total action at a casino. Like Blackjack, Baccarat also has a low house edge, and it can be credited as the main reason. Regardless, people tend to come in large numbers for this game, with an increased share of interest coming in from the new age crowd. The game makes it a point to be present at every casino and also at online casinos. Things have reached an extent where people will not think about opening up a casino without including Baccarat.


Creative betting systems and illegal counting methods have all been employed for Roulette, which is primarily a game of chance. Throughout the years, these tricks have been implemented with few coming out to be victorious. Thanks to all this, the game manages to stake the right kind of claim at the casino. It is one of the most popular ones and also includes different types of rules, as you change locations. Online casinos have also joined the race by bringing about different versions of Roulette.

Poker Games

Poker Games

Poker has a lot of variations at casinos, and as a lotto 4d live result, it manages to gather around 21% of the overall action at the casino. These versions tend to hold a different ground of popularity for different places with people having their interests. Since it all comes down to poker, the game draws a massive crowd to the casino. So by all means, you will find Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Poker at any casino.

The Most Important Rules at a Casino

Rules at a Casino

Any organisation requires a particular set of rules to run the establishment in the right manner. Without these rules, things would fall apart, and chaos tends to spread all over. Keeping that in mind, we are going to be looking at specific regulations that are deemed to be important for a particular organisation mmc996. With business booming and immense popularity, these organisations are known as casinos. A small part of their success can be credited towards stability, and that comes from rules. So by all means, it is good that nobody breaks them. Hence, to spread the right kind of awareness, here are the most important rules at a casino(Watch This).

1. Mobile Phones

inside a casino

While mobile phones are allowed inside a casino, its usage comes under certain restrictions. Most of the casinos want you to keep it in silent mode, and a few others don’t want you to be using the same. While photos can be an exemption, the rest does not seem to be in accordance with the rules of the casino. So be a good kid and switch off your mobile phone.

2. Alcohol

Fun should also be mixed with a bunch of restrictions since you are at a casino. In that manner, you need to maintain the number of drinks that you are going to have. Hitting the mark and going off-limits cannot be entertained at a casino, especially when your gambling. Following this rule will also not bring you in contact with the security of the casino. Hence, maintain a limit on your alcohol intake.

3. Chips

Chips are an essential part of gambling, and one cannot gamble without the same. But for them to maintain their sense of relevance, you need to follow specific rules. Touching chips that don’t belong to you and moving forward to handle them are aspects that are not acceptable at any casino. Even when you are going to cash them out, you need to arrange them in order and ensure you cash them once the hand is over. These set of rules are quite significant if you wish to play your favourite games at the casino.


4. Tipping the Dealer

Amateurs can be excused, but the rest cannot get away from this rule. Tipping the dealer is another essential part of the casino, and every player needs to be aware of the same. Either during the play or at the end, you should tip the dealer and give them what they deserve. The amount of the tip need not matter. All you need to do is to leave a tip and walk away from the table. So remember these rules and make sure to follow them at the casino.

Do’s and Don’ts for Progressives Discussing Syria


Due to the recent chemical weapon attack in recent years, Syria has become the centre of attention. Hundreds of people were killed and US military strike threats there are certain things needs to be informed about before taking any kind of action.

 Do not imply both the sides are wrong

This is one of the most common answers to a lot of people, but one needs to understand that the protests that have been going out in Syria to help ensure that the streets and protest have the right regime. There are many progressive US groups who do not want to join the support as there are a lot of lives at stake. There are regimes which are bombing the cities with jets, and other countries are forced to take the brutal stakes.

common answers

Don’t over conflate between the Iraq and Syria

It is pathetic for people of many progressive and leftist people who are obsessed with the false chemical weapon claims. There have been more than 100,000 Syrians who have under the weapons and one million more who can soon be dead without any intervention from the US. One needs to keep in mind when Al Qaeda fought the US for more than a decade in Iraq; no such weapons were deployed.

 Do not just obsess over Al Qaeda

Since the 9/11 attacks, one can see many progressives who are taking their names away from the labels. Understand the there are people in Syria who have a simple lifestyle following a non-violence principle. Also, the Free Syrian Army is not a central command rather a group loosely affiliated from battalions and everyone is open to be a part of this group.


Point out the ways the US failed Syria

Us had promised weapons to the rebels, which is not being followed, which is one of their failures and bringing bomb in the country is also not a solution. Taking the position of US, they should not get themselves involved with military interventions rather a way to bring the right chance at bringing aid to the suffering Syrian population.

Point out US hypocrisy

US hypocrisy

US weapons continue to flow in places like Egypt, Bahrain and Israel despite there are many claims of massive human regulation violations. Also another recent new is that the US is sending $650 million worth of explosives to Saudi.

Highlight the bravery of the Syrians

Even with all of the blasts and other attacks, people of Syria are showing courage while taking the issue to the streets destroying their struggles to bring the right form of freedom and dignity. Even with the violent attacks, people are using non-violent ways to resistance.


Why Syrian art still matters

Syrian art

Syria Matter is a part of a year-long focus in Qatar on Syria which can contribute to the world. This shows one of the five historical moments of the relevance of the Middle East, especially when it comes to art. The western look of Syria is from Roman Perspectives, which can be significant in meeting the right point of view. The significant of the culture in their art can be dated back much further. There are also clay tablets which can allow one to have the right help from the BCE, which is the first-ever evidence of letter-based alphabets being reproduced on a surface. This object was a stone relic of the Hittite period weather god from Aleppo.

Hittite period

Around 1000 BCE from the expansion of east-west trades a network of the desert city of Palmyra gave us a limestone carving of a saddled camel which recalls the leap to dromedary. The ruins were first of its kind and attracted the western audience to look at the European influence of the neoclassical architecture. An oil painting of 1892 depicts a defeated warrior queen in the year 272 who say her kingdom set.

Even with the constant destruction warning from the ISIS, the paintings showcase a very oriental structure. This illustrated the past and the present view of the place. Damascus was capital of the first Islamic dynasty empire which extended from Spain to India. It flourished during the 7th and 8th century during Europe’s dark ages after the Roman Empire. There have been more evident shifts in perspective for the visitors, especially in medieval eras especially with the architectural and intellectual flowering after the Damascus, Aleppo, Cairo and Jerusalem in the 21 century.

Medieval Damascus was a haven for refugees(Do Watch), and Spanish Reconsquitas were ceramic and metal inlay and glass enamelling in Venice. The treasure ranges from the damascene metal mosque lamp with a silver inlay. Also in the late 11th and 12th-century Cobal blue and glass flask with birds were predominantly found. One of the most impressive pieces was Mumluk 14th century Cavour Vase which has a free-blown and gilded blue glass which was owned by Italy’s Prime Minister and acquired from London in 1998.


Ottoman rule shows and evokes many caravans through aromas with spices like Cardamom and coffee, and the sounds of qanun and oud were noticed. There were many civilized heights which can allow one to have the right destruction that remains a thread which was erected after his fortress and when Syria was facing proxy wars. There were many distinct conflicts which caused a lot of damage while treasures were evacuated. Massive basalt Falcon was restored after the British airstrike where a lot of artefacts seemed to be damaged.


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