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We aim to support every Syrian citizen who needs legal assistance in fighting for his rights. By creating awareness programmes for citizenship rights, we will control the illegal activities in the state and also create a better environment for everyone.


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Under the supervision of the ambassador of Syria to the United Kingdom, Dr Sami Khiyami.

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Why Syrian art still matters

Syrian art

Syria Matter is a part of a year-long focus in Qatar on Syria which can contribute to the world. This shows one of the five historical moments of the relevance of the Middle East, especially when it comes to art. The western look of Syria is from Roman Perspectives, which can be significant in meeting the right point of view. The significant of the culture in their art can be dated back much further. There are also clay tablets which can allow one to have the right help from the BCE, which is the first-ever evidence of letter-based alphabets being reproduced on a surface. This object was a stone relic of the Hittite period weather god from Aleppo.

Hittite period

Around 1000 BCE from the expansion of east-west trades a network of the desert city of Palmyra gave us a limestone carving of a saddled camel which recalls the leap to dromedary. The ruins were first of its kind and attracted the western audience to look at the European influence of the neoclassical architecture. An oil painting of 1892 depicts a defeated warrior queen in the year 272 who say her kingdom set.

Even with the constant destruction warning from the ISIS, the paintings showcase a very oriental structure. This illustrated the past and the present view of the place. Damascus was capital of the first Islamic dynasty empire which extended from Spain to India. It flourished during the 7th and 8th century during Europe’s dark ages after the Roman Empire. There have been more evident shifts in perspective for the visitors, especially in medieval eras especially with the architectural and intellectual flowering after the Damascus, Aleppo, Cairo and Jerusalem in the 21 century.

Medieval Damascus was a haven for refugees(Do Watch), and Spanish Reconsquitas were ceramic and metal inlay and glass enamelling in Venice. The treasure ranges from the damascene metal mosque lamp with a silver inlay. Also in the late 11th and 12th-century Cobal blue and glass flask with birds were predominantly found. One of the most impressive pieces was Mumluk 14th century Cavour Vase which has a free-blown and gilded blue glass which was owned by Italy’s Prime Minister and acquired from London in 1998.


Ottoman rule shows and evokes many caravans through aromas with spices like Cardamom and coffee, and the sounds of qanun and oud were noticed. There were many civilized heights which can allow one to have the right destruction that remains a thread which was erected after his fortress and when Syria was facing proxy wars. There were many distinct conflicts which caused a lot of damage while treasures were evacuated. Massive basalt Falcon was restored after the British airstrike where a lot of artefacts seemed to be damaged.


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